The accommodation at the Naankuse Lodge in Namibia is
comfortable, sophisticated, and a part of the land we so passionately care for.
Naankuse Lodge in Namibia
Whether you choose to stay in a villa or a chalet, you’ll get the exquisite experience of being away from the hustle and bustle of town and become part of the tranquility and joy of the wild.

Our lodge accommodation includes six lavish in-suite chalets, each comprising a delightful blend of rich ethnicity and modern extravagance, while offering a secluded retreat from the ruggedness of Africa. All rooms are extravagantly appointed and have been designed to offer total privacy and comfort in harmony with their surroundings. Rooms boast large twin beds, air-conditioning, in-suite bathrooms and have their own private veranda with views overlooking the beautiful bush veldt.

Our villas have been designed with immaculate attention to detail to create a feeling of natural beauty and comfort.

The villas incorporate the ethnic and rustic atmosphere of Africa, while offering the ultimate in indulgent accommodation. Each villa is under a thatch roof that exudes embracing warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Grass, wooden logs, stones, and mohair together with extravagant linen and bedding are a unique combination that complements the lodge experience.
Naankuse Lodge in Namibia
Regardless of your choice of lodge accommodation, you will also have easy access to our swimming pool area where you can relax absorbing wonderful views over our natural stone canyon. Enjoy a glass of Neuras NamibRed or Painted Wolf Chardonnay by the pool to combine relaxation with the tastes of Africa.
Naankuse Lodge in Namibia