The Naankuse Sanctuary

The Naankuse Sanctuary is situated on a 3,200-hectare reserve 42 kilometers away from Windhoek. Filled with fields of tall grass, hills of blackthorn, camel thorn trees, dry riverbeds and two waterholes, it is the perfect ecosystem to support a wide variety of flora and fauna. We invite you to come see our African wildlife with your own eyes!

The Naankuse Sanctuary hosts an abundance of African wildlife and free-roaming game, including giraffe, zebra, kudu, hartebeest, springbok, eland, jackal, as well as wild cheetahs and leopards. These animals are all protected within the conservation, which provides a true oasis for the African wildlife of Namibia. Species such as the eland and giraffe were not found here for many years, so we’ve worked hard to care for them in the wild since their arrivals in 2009 and 2010. Since arrival, we’ve had two baby giraffes and a number of young eland born and couldn’t be happier!
Naankuse Sanctuary
Naankuse Sanctuary

Orphaned and injured African wildlife

In addition to being a safe haven for African wildlife, the Naankuse Sanctuary provides a home for various orphaned and injured African wildlife. While, we strongly believe the wild belongs in the wild and direct all our efforts towards long term rehabilitation, sadly, not all of the animals who come to Naankuse are able to be released. Those who cannot be released for reasons related to human impact, remain on the sanctuary.

Many of our orphaned animals have been hand-raised from a very young age or have become too used to captivity and cannot safely be released. None of these animals would have survived without the food, care and nurturing from our sanctuary. Our wildlife sanctuary provides a safe haven for African wildlife including lions, leopards, cheetahs, African wild dogs, caracals, and chacma baboons among others.

Sponsorship options

We invite you to book one of our lodge activities, which help guests to learn more about Namibian history and the future of conservation for African wildlife. The funds from your bookings help to support their livelihood and the projects we run at the sanctuary. Many people fall in love with the animals and people of the sanctuary, so we invite you to check out our sponsorship options, through the foundation!