Wine is one of our most treasured passions here at the Naankuse Lodge in Namibia.
We offer a fully stocked bar with beers and spirits, but it is our wine that we are most proud of. Why? Two of our featured wines are conservation friendly. These include our partner winery Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate, as well as Painted Wolf Wines.

The Neuras Wine and Wildlife estate is dedicated to the conservation and reintegration of wildlife within their 14,400-hectare estate. They welcome guests from around the world to experience wine-making in the desert and their coveted wine is only available in select restaurants. If you want to taste wine from one of two Namibian wineries, then don’t hesitate to order a glass during your meal. Varietals include a NamibRed blend and Shiraz.
Painted Wolf Wines
African wild dog
Painted Wolf Wines are produced in South Africa and sold around the world, including here at the lodge to help the conservation of painted wolves, also known as African wild dogs. As some of our most beloved animals here are our group of African wild dogs, it goes without saying that we support the delicious wine varietals made by Painted Wolf Wines. Their bottles are a work of art, as is the wine itself! Grab a bottle and know that it all goes back to what’s worth saving.