Sustainability is defined as “enduring”, “supporting” or “maintaining”.
Here at the Naankuse Lodge in Namibia we take sustainability a step further to mean
“thrive” alongside “supporting”.
Naankuse Sunset
The Naankuse Lodge’s main focus is sustainability in Africa. The lodge itself is crafted from ecologically clean material including solid logs and glass to complement Naankuse’s beautiful wilderness setting. We live side-by-side with the local wildlife and guests can enjoy a range of amazing views of animals from their chalets - such as the local red hartebeest, oryx, giraffe, baboons and kudu - not to mention breathtaking sunsets in the evenings.

Our lodge is a not-for-profit eco-tourism destination, where all profits are directed straight back into supporting our charitable projects in a sustainable ecosystem under the Naankuse Foundation.
To help support the sanctuary, we donate all of our leftover food to be recycled into animal food. This helps cut down on the waste we produce, and reduces our carbon footprint, ensuring a sustainable future for Africa.

Additionally, we work hard to offer job opportunities to the San Bushman, a marginalized community in Namibia. We currently employ 45 San Bushman within the Naankuse Foundation and are proud to offer them a better future in the hospitality industry. Thanks to our efforts, two of our kitchen staff and all three of our guides have completed higher education courses.
San Bushman


Namibia - a country roughly 800,000 square kilometers borders South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Not many people know about our beautiful country, but we think that’s part of the magic. From the beautiful red dunes of Sossusvlei, to the Etosha National Park, to the coastal town of Swakopmund, Namibia has something for everyone.
Etosha National Park


Conservation is the preservation, protection and restoration of a given interest. There are many types of conservation categories including wildlife conservation, soil conservation and habitat conservation, amongst others. Wildlife conservation in Namibia is one of our most important priorities, as we love the flora and fauna that our ecosystem can support.
Naankuse Wildlife Conservation


Wine is one of our most our treasured passions here at the Naankuse Lodge in Namibia. We offer a fully stocked bar with beers and spirits, but it is our wine that we are most proud of. Why? Two of our featured wines are conservation friendly. These include our partner winery Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate, as well as Painted Wolf Wines.
Naankuse Conservation & Wine


Without the backing of our supporters and partners we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thanks to them, we’ve been able to start the Naankuse Lodge of Namibia.
Naankuse Donations