At the Taste Academy, we believe in individuality. Some of us are foodies; some of us are connoisseurs.
The Taste Academy is therefore a lifestyle club with a dash of taste and flavor!
Naankuse Lodge Taste Academy
It’s a place where foodies and gourmets can learn new skills, share new ideas, and experience new tastes. It’s an easy way to get to know your food and wines, and to discover some of the world’s finest products.

Members will learn about the different styles and types of wines that the world has to offer. They also learn skills to taste wine, such as how to “nose” and assess a wine for quality, and how to combine the right foods with the right wines.

The Taste Academy also offers chocolate tastings, coffee-making sessions, informative evenings with masters of the trade, cook-alongs where members cook and eat with our resident chef.


Worried about your kids for the evening? Don't worry! We have baby-sitters on site. Just let us know ahead of time. To be a part of the Taste Academy, please like us on Facebook or email us. You'll receive updates on upcoming activities, pictures from events, and fun recipes.


The Taste Academy is a club not only for people with a taste for great food and wine, but also for those who care about conservation. A part of the academy’s membership fee goes toward the Naankuse Foundation to fund our conservation projects.